Mass Mail


A mass email marketing campaign is an effective way to create and nurture leads. Mass email marketing can be a very effective promotional tool, but without web tracking, there is no way to know whether an email marketing campaign is performing good. Bulk email campaign applications such as Vertical Response send out mass email marketing campaigns and give feedback on campaign performance. An email marketing company will then have detailed information on how many people read the email, how many people clicked a link in the email, and how many emails were unsubscribed or bounced.

Statistics like these show whether or not mass email campaigns are effective. Tracking allows an email marketing company to modify its campaigns to improve their performance.


  • Schedule and personalize emails with contacts data
  • Segment and target contacts with relevant communication
  • Build contacts easily via CSV File
  • Create campaign using html templates
  • Track and analyze open / view, click & bounce reports
  • Auto cleaning of invalid and Bounced email contacts

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